Friday, April 4, 2014

Wake Me Up

{ Sambag Denim Jacket, Singlet, and Bag // Topshop Skirt // Funkis Clogs }

photos by Kenze

I always associate electric blue with possitive energy so there's not surprise to see me leaping and posing sillily in this gorgeous Sambag singlet. 

You might have known that most of my outfits are pretty plain but when it comes to a gloomy rainy day,I always go for colours- colours that can make me (an everyone else) stay awake~~ So perhaps I should consider wearing head-to-toe neon green on the next stormy day then?!?! Well...if only my friends don't mind going out with a life-size highlighter pen =P

Have a fab weekend peeps ;)



  1. I'm really digging the blue!!

  2. You look so fashion, I love your skirt, very cute.

  3. I love the electronic blue on you!!!

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